* Zen Fusion Formula-natural psoriasis treatment

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Natural Herbal Formula to

Reduce Redness and Inflammation


PLEASE NOTE: Zen Fusion contains natural herbal ingredients, which may result in natural variations in color ( from white to light pink) This is normal variation and does not affect the quality nor effectiveness of the product.


ZEN FUSION CLEAR SKIN FORMULA is a natural herbal cream that powerfully soothes skin inflammation and redness, yet is gentle enough for babies. The natural properties of our Zen Clear Skin Formula will help your skin’s defenses improve the cosmetic appearance of your skin.  The herbal formula will help soften the appearance of inflammed skin and keep the RED OUT! Most of the typical medicines used to fight these skin disorders have many dangerous side effects or are ineffective. Doctor’s Defense offers a natural, safe way to get inflammation out. It is a true bargain, considering the cost, pain, ineffectiveness, and side effects from typical prescription drugs or creams.

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