These are all real and unaltered pictures from real people and real results after just a few days.  Honest, endorsed by great physicians, herbal ingredients, Zen Fusion is safe for babies.  

You can add to these before and after pictures yourself.  Try the product, be amazed, send us your pics, and get discounts on your next purchase.  This is a life changer for people who have problem red skin.  All 100% guaranteed for one year. Don't worry, no scams, real people, real amazing.  Cheers! Be Happy with your skin again!

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1) Bumpy Baby Scalp









My husband and I call this cream the "miracle cream" because it has totally transformed our 6-month-old daughter's skin.  Our daughter's very fair, very sensitive skin kept getting inflamed and breaking out into rashes with little red bumps and dry, rough patches all over her cheeks and chin.  Our doctor recommended 0.5% hydrocortisone cream, which we used and which seemed to help, but we didn't want to use the hydrocortisone cream for an extended period of time since we heard it was steroid-based and possibly harmful to babies.  But as soon as we stopped using the hydrocortisone cream, our daughter developed rashes on her face again.  When my friend recommended this cream (which has no steroids), we were skeptical.  We applied a thin layer of the cream on our daughter's chin and cheeks before she went to bed one night and the next morning, the skin on her face was totally soft, smooth and gorgeous!  The best part is that we don't need to use the cream continuously on our daughter – after the first few applications, her skin has stayed soft and smooth.  We've given some of the cream to our friends for their babies and they've had the same amazing results.  This cream is an absolute must-have for any new parent.


2) Lifetime of Eczema



Before- Neck




"I've had severe eczema over my entire body throughout my life and tried every type of cream out there from organic to prescription, but nothing has really worked.  This cream not only cleared up my eczema within a few days, but it's kept it away.  Thank you for giving me "normal" skin!"


3) Our Baby




This is our baby and Zen Fusion is certainly safe enough for her.  She developed baby eczema from an early age and you can see what happened around her mouth when we introduced solids.  No problem, Doctor's Defense to the rescue and 2 days later, she was clear again.  Keep your baby's skin beautiful again.  No risk, just happy babies and moms!


4) Severe Guttate Psoriasis


After 1Month

 After 3 Months

This cream has been outstanding!  Nothing has ever helped my skin's appearance like Doctor's Defense.  My psoriasis started in my 50's after a bad viral infection.  My brother had it, but I thought I had escaped until that infection.  I went to several Dermatologists, but never found an acceptable solution or anything that even helped much except for sunlight.  It's pretty hard to wear short sleeve shorts when you have psoriasis like this.  Living in San Diego with long sleeves on all the time is hard to do!  Thanks Doctor's Defense, you really changed my life.


5) Typical Plaque Psoriasis


After 1 Month

On Maintenance

Watch my video on the Home Page.  This Zen Fusion Cream is unbelievable! I couldn't wear shorts or short sleeve shirts out anymore because of this terrible rash.  I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from Psoriasis.  Dovonex, Tazorac, Steroids, etc...  Nothing Worked, except for Doctor's Defense.  Do yourself a favor [ if you have confirmed Psoriasis and have been evaluated by a physician, please! ] before you waste a bunch of money on Dermatologists and medicines, try Zen Fusion.

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