Meet the Doctors

Zen Fusion Clear Skin Formula is endorsed by exceptional physicians practicing both traditional and integrative East-West Medicine.



Board certified Family Practice

New York Medical College

Stanford University School of Medicine, Helms Institute Acupuncture Graduate

Undergraduate: University of California, Berkeley

Quote: " Zen Fusion is really the best of both worlds in terms of herbal ingredients and clear clinical results.  Many skin conditions are the physical symptoms of underlying autoimmune or allergy disease, not the disease itself.  Zen Fusion will help you clear the outer skin manifestations.  A holistic approach to diet, exercise, not smoking, and lifestyle can often help you resolve the underlying problem.  There are lots of medicines and sham products out there that simply do not work or do more harm.  You can trust Doctor's Defense to bring you amazing results from undervalued Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.) "



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